PCYC Membership is open!

  Please contact our Membership Committee for more details!


Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club is a fun and vibrant community of people who love boating.  It is a private member’s club and we rely on sponsorship by our friends and fellow members to strengthen the camaraderie known throughout the club.

For those applicants who have family and friends that are members at Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club, please speak with them about sponsorship.  If you are new to our community, please write to the Membership Committee and let us know of your interest.

Currently there is no waiting list.   You can download your application here:

Membership Application

Your application along with deposit check should be submitted directly to the office at:

Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club, Inc.
74 Leavitt Street
Salem, MA 01970-5548

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Membership Committee if you have any questions.


Linda Beneke and Angela Dunlop

Membership Committee Co-Chairs