Commodore - Robert Strasnick, PC

important situations or conversations no other officer or chair can address


Vice Commodore - Beth Bryce

all issues related to buildings and grounds


Rear Commodore - Richard Morneau, PC


Treasurer - Thomas Cassano, PC

for billing inquiries see Dori at bottom of the page


Secretary - Robert Connors, PC

general communication with the club and board of directors including boat declaration


Director - Jeff Plouff

Director - Dave Bystrom

Director - Jamie Tanch

Director - Tim Boucher


Dockmaster - Neil Comeau

Assistant Dockmaster / Tender Dockmaster - Mike Kapnis

Dockmaster Phone- 781-715-5712

to request an overnight slip or to report boat issues


Fleet Captain - Dave Bystrom

for reciprocal yacht clubs interested in invading or hosting an invasion

Yardmaster - Neil Bohnwagner

to request a haul or launch, temporary yard storage, or to report yard issues

Committee Chairs

Bar Manager - Donna Harmon

By-Law - 

Dredging - Robert Stranick, PC and Richie Morneau, PC 

Dredging Trust - Rob Strasnick, PC

Election - Michael Sanderson

to request an absentee ballot email Michael at

Electrical - Chris Olivolo

Entertainment - Larry Robertie

Finance - Nick Helides     


House:  Beth Bryce -

House Captain - Tim Boucher

Insurance Compliance - Ted Nigro

Send an email to Insurance Compliance with all your updated Insurance Forms.

Launch -  Jerry Ganczuk

Marina -  John Castaldo, Keith Nadeau

MBYCA Chairman - Paul Taistra


Member Communications / Website - Maura Varney or Eric Berube, PC

Membership - Angela Dunlop

Mooring -  Tom Tetrault

Nominating - Debbie Bystrom


Regatta - Robert Bova

Safety - Andrew Hall

Slip Assignment - Fred Pfeil- chair

Wi-Fi Chairman - Derek Stout


Click for a list of our past Commodores

And last but not least, the most important position in the club…

Dori, our office manager -

all questions related to billing and fees charged