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Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club is located in historic Salem Harbor, Massachusetts. We are an active group of New England boaters, sailors and fishermen who appreciate the unique natural features and challenges of our beautiful coastline. Our members enjoy a year-round program of banquets and parties, tournaments, visitations and family events. The PCYC Regatta Committee sponsors the Bowditch Race each August in Salem Harbor.


2015 Bowditch race announcement


2015 Dockmaster is Neil Ouellette.

Contact Neil by text/telephone at 978-223-7527, or his email address for non-urgent business at nouellettepcyc@gmail.com. Neil prefers text or email.


Fifteen new members joined PCYC on Friday, April 10th. Congratulations to you and your families on joining the PCYC family. We look forward to introducing you to PCYC and all of the fun we have at the club and on the floats.  Please contact Rear Comm Larry Robertie to arrange for your entertainment crew hours.

Are you holding on to old, expired flares that you’d like to dispose of? We will have a box at the club for you to bring them in, and Mike/Carol McMahon will bring the flares to the Coast Guard Safety Day in Gloucester on May 16th from 9-1:30. If you have any questions, contact Scott Nathan, our PCYC Safety Officer, or Mike/Carol.

Pop Tabs for Shriners – Fred Pfeil reminds everyone to save/bring in your aluminum can top tabs for the Shriners. Shriners Hospitals for Children in Springfield and Boston have been collecting pull-tabs or “pop-tops” from beverage cans since 1989, recycling them, and putting the money toward programs that directly benefit children. Since its inception, about a half-million pounds of aluminum tabs have been collected and recycled. Did you know: The tabs are the only pure aluminum part of the can, and the cans may still be returned for deposit even after the tabs are removed. Every year, Palmer’s Cove members do their part to ensure we have an impressive amount of tabs for the Shriners to pick up and use to purchase equipment for the children’s hospital.  The Sink the Floats party is held in the fall, so be sure to stay thirsty and save every tab for the collective weigh-in.  Fred accepts tabs anytime, or leave them with a bartender for him. 


PCYC Bylaws

Updated March 2015.  Click HERE for a PDF file.  For security reasons a password is required; contact Secretary if you don’t know it.


PCYC Application
Hall Rental Application