Welcome Aboard!

Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club is located in historic Salem Harbor, Massachusetts. We are an active group of New England boaters, sailors and fishermen who appreciate the unique natural features and challenges of our beautiful coastline. Our members enjoy a year-round program of banquets and parties, tournaments, visitations and family events. The PCYC Regatta Committee sponsors the Bowditch Race each August in Salem Harbor.

SUPER BOWL PARTY: Kickoff is Sunday, February 7, 6:30 PM. Come on down for a potluck meal near the fire. Also, anyone looking for some work hours, the Patriots can really use some help on the offensive line.

REMINDER: The Meat BINGO is Saturday, February 6 from 2-4. Everyone who joined us last time had a great time. Lobster and meat prizes! No sign-up required. Stop by and check it out!

REMINDER:  Dues/fees are due no later than January 31st 2016.  Bar debit cards (NEW value of $180) will be issued only after your full payment is made.
The assessment is due no later than March 30th 2016.

NOTE: PCYC no longer accepts credit or debit cards at the bar. Personal checks and cash are acceptable forms of payment for bar, clothing and events. The office only accepts checks and money orders – no cash.

Congratulations to the 2016 Officers and Directors – Rich Morneau, Commodore; Larry Robertie, Vice Commodore; Eric Berube, Rear Commodore; Bob Connors, Secretary; Tom Cassano, Treasurer; Neil Bohnwagner, Director; Mark Sullivan, Director; Jeff Plouff, Director and Tim Boucher, Director. Tiger Lambert, Master of Arms.

PCYC Bylaws

Updated March 2015.  Click HERE for a PDF file.  For security reasons a password is required; contact Secretary if you don’t know it.


PCYC Application
Hall Rental Application